Monday, June 6, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

It's that time again...Monday! :) It's another short work week for me (this will be the 3rd, 4 day work week in a row) because I'm off on Friday for a friend's wedding. I'm a bridesmaid and it should make for a very fun day! :) I think my body is going to go into shock next week when I have to work! ;)

Our weekend was a typical summer weekend...relaxing, cleaning, a birthday party, church, Sunday school and pool time.

I took the kids to one of my best friends daughters 3rd birthday party on Saturday (while Daddy stayed at home and cleaned! And relaxed at the pool :)) They had a blast! One part of the party was in a bouncy house type thingy ;) and Manuel came down the slide and bounced right out, on his head! Thankfully I didn't see it because from what I hear it was pretty awful to watch, but he got up, put some ice on it (we monitored him for hours to make sure there was no concussion) and he was right back to his old self again! :) I have a ton of pics to share, BUT for now, we have 3 pics (two awful cell phone pics and one adorable pic of the birthday girl! :))

 Nothing says summer (yes, I realize it's not technically summer yet! ;) like a Rita's Cotton Candy Italian Ice! :)
 Mia's vampire teeth from the goodie bag :)
The very excited Gwen! :) (she's REALLY into My Little Pony! I love that all my favs from my childhood are coming back! :))

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