Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm going to be an Aunt again!

*The triplets memorial stones. The triplets garden that "holds" their stones and other beautiful flowers and trees.*
*This post is all over the place, just an FYI....*

I can FINALLY make the big announcement that my sister and her hubby are expecting baby #5! They not only got their miracle baby with the birth of Spencer in September 2009, but now they are expecting ANOTHER baby! :) I'm thinking that the baby is going to be another boy, but we shall see!

My sister and Mike have certainly experienced their share of heartbreak and tragedy and I am SOO happy that God is blessing them with another pregnancy!

They tried every avenue to get pregnant (IVF, AI, etc.) and experienced several miscarriages. Then they got pregnant with the triplets and we were all over the moon excited!!! Then we found out that they were all 3 boys, and we were in shock (THREE boys!!!!) and SOOO excited!! Then it all changed. (see the Caringbridge site I created for them starting in April All 3 boys went to Heaven. My sister and her husband were broken. Broken is an understatement.

Then in December 2008 her and Mike got their "Christmas miracle" (as we referred to it :) They were pregnant again. No "outside" help, no procedures, NOTHING, just naturally. For the first time Amy was pregnant naturally. The entire pregnancy was nerve wracking, understandably so, but Spencer was born full term, healthy and SOOOO adorable in September 2009. And now, here we are today, and Amy is 11 weeks pregnant again, naturally, with another miracle baby.

Thank you God! Thank you God!

Mateo, Ian and Anthony, our 3 angels in are loved and missed EVERYDAY! Watch over your new brother or sister in Mommy's belly! Make sure he or she grows big and strong before making their grand debut in late December/early January. We know that you are 3 guardian angels making all of this happen. I know you are having the grandest time in Heaven with PopPop and all those who have gone before you! We love you and miss you! :)

Zia Christina

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CynthiaS said...

Congrats to your family! I lost my daughter in May and there is always a special kind of excitement when those who have lost children are blessed with a pregnancy. Very cute memorial stones!