Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Me Monday

Okay, so I've said it before and I'll say it again...I don't know how to do all the fun, bloggy "stuff" that others do! :) I've just finally learned how to "link up" so that's a giant step for me!!! I am, for the first time, participating in "Not Me Monday" courtesy of MckMama ( I'd like to be able to put the fun "Not Me Monday" logo on my page, but apparently I don't even know how to copy and paste codes :) (seriously...I followed her step-by-step instructions, and I can't copy and paste what she has. Am I an idiot!??!?! :)

It's funny because ever since I came to know of MckMama's weekly blog about things you'd NEVER do ;) I'll do things and think, "That's appropriate for a "Not Me Monday" post" but then now that I'm actually writing one, I can't remember most of them :) However, I do have one...

Never, ever, ever would I be driving my usual 45 minute commute home from work, with a screaming 4 month old in the backseat who has lost her "ninny" do a one hand on the wheel, one hand behind me searching for the "ninny". Nope, I would never! That is clearly dangerous and not something you'd do. (of course NEVER taking my eyes off the road-and that I mean (NOT being sarcastic!!!) I'm not a total idiot :) After not being able to find the lost "ninny", I'd never, ever, not in a million years contemplate just allowing my 4 month old to suck on my finger until she falls back asleep. Of course not, that would be germy and gross. Which means I would never take my water bottle, swirl my finger around in it as a means of "sanitizing" and then put my finger in my babies mouth until she fell back asleep. Nope! Not ever! I am way too prepared for this and would just have a spare "ninny" in my console for DAILY moments like this on our commute :)

**And for those in blog land who think I'm a bad mother, driver, etc. TRUST ME, me driving with one hand on the wheel, keeping my eyes on the road at all times, while one hand is "in" the back seat is MUCH safer then driving with two hands on the wheel, while a 4 month old screams her head off for 45 minutes straight, HONESTLY! :)**

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leannenannette said...

You are not a bad mother or driver for doing that! You do what you have to do. :) Congratulations on doing your first Not Me Monday!