Friday, May 21, 2010

Great results of the P/T C

Not that anyone cares, but since this is a "scrapbook" of sorts for my family, I needed to post...

Manuel's teacher gave him tons of praise! She is SO proud of how well he is doing. She went on and on about how well behaved he is, and how honest he is. This shocked us! Not the honest part...if he gets put in time out for any reason, that's the FIRST thing he tells us when we pick him up from school. He definitely tells on himself! :) But we were shocked about the "well behaved" part. Don't get me wrong, he's 4, but that's the problem HE'S FOUR IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD!!! :) There were no terrible two's with him, and the terrible three's were pretty rough, but FOUR, wow, four has been a toughy! :) He's never been a child to throw tantrums, EVER, but at four years old, he does! The fits he throws at home are one for the record books! :) And his "bad behavior" has even stemmed out to family gatherings where he'll get slightly rambunctious and misbehave, but at school and church he's perfect! My mom always said we should be glad he's like that, and not the other way around. VERY TRUE!!! As long as he minds his manners when he's out, behaves himself, tells the truth, and is just an all around "good" kid, I'll take it! :) And hopefully he'll outgrown the tantrums at home, or else he's going to continue spending a good bit of time in time-out. And really, who wants to do that!??!! :)

I'm so proud of my little man, who apparently is not so little anymore :( Where does the time go????

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