Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Parent/Teacher Conference

Since Manuel is a big ol' preschooler now, tonight he has his first official (or should I say "we have our first official") parent/teacher conference. I'm actually very excited for it. I'm apprehensive in the sense that I hope there aren't any sort of behavior problems occuring that my husband and I are not aware of, but I'm excited to see how the teacher thinks he is doing. He has only been in preschool since January but I feel like he's come SO far in a few short months. I hope that the teacher agrees. I hope she feels like he is on point with the other children. That is my hope! And if goodness forbid she has any concern, it's good to find out about NOW, while we still have well over a year until he starts kindergarten (UGH! I shudder at the thought! :( and we can work on fixing the problem. When I'm doing his homework with him, some concepts that I would consider "easy" seem difficult to him. But I don't know if they are difficult because he really doesn't understand it, or if they are difficult because I'm mommy and he just really isn't interested in listening to me :) We shall see!!!!

On another note...Mia goes for her 4 month well child visit on Monday (a little late. She was 4 months on 5.18.10). I'm excited to see how much she weighs in comparison to her last appointment. I'm assuming her ped will recommend that we start feeding her cereal, but she told us not to start until we met for the 4 month check-up which I was totally fine with. If she's happy with just formula, why introduce food to soon?? :)

Updates on the conference and check-up coming soon. My babies are growing up! :)

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