Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11 weeks???

Oh my gracious, really??? ELEVEN weeks, that's it and our little girl will be here. I can hardly believe it! My pregnancy with Manuel seemed to fly by, but I was thinking that this one wouldn't...boy was I wrong! I can't believe in 11 Mondays from now our daughter will be born (she is a scheduled c-section). Time really does fly as you get older!!!! :)

My pregnancy is continuing to go well, so far. I can feel her kicking, moving and just having a good ol' dance party in there! :) I said that to Manuel the other day, "Wow, your sister is really have a dance party in there." He said, "What? With all of her baby friends?" Kids say the darndest things, I swear!

With the holidays fast approaching (My favorite holiday EVER-Thanksgiving!) I know time will continue to fly by. I just wanted to update for those of you that may be following. All is well in the Gomez household and I'm excited for the next few months and all it has in store for our family! :)

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