Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To be or not to be...

That is the question! :) Well, sort of. Ever since I found out that I was pregnant with Baby #2 I was SO certain that we would NOT find out the sex of the baby. We found out with Manuel, and for sure I wanted this to be a surprise, well, until today. I made my appt for our 18 week u/s at the end of the month where we could POTENTIALLY find out the sex of our baby, and now I'm thinking "what if???" Should I find out? What if we are having a little girl? I need to prepare! And a million and one other things are running through my head, making me think we SHOULD find out. And some might say, "Well, ask your hubby" but here's the thing, my hubby will do whatever I want when it comes to this topic, so he'll be of no help! :) I posted something on my Facebook status about it and I've gotten responses pretty much right down the line...some say yes, find out, others say no, don't do it! I know it all comes down to our own personal choice and no one can tell us whats right or wrong, but still, it's HARD! I didn't even have to think about this with Manuel because not finding out was never an option. This time is so much harder!! Decisions, decisions, hmmmm. I guess we'll find out what we decide at 8am on August 25th when we have the big appointment! :)

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