Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers Day

So, tomorrow is Fathers Day. I know that it will be a hard day for me, but I'm already getting REALLY upset about it, so I can't even imagine how I'll react when tomorrow actually gets here. Yes, I'm an adult (28 years old! :) and I should be able to control my emotions, but I'm a "crier" what can I say!??!?!? Tomorrow will be the first time in TWENTY EIGHT years that I will not be spending Fathers Day with my dad or at least being able to call him and wish him a Happy Fathers Day, and that's a tough pill to swallow! :( I'm sure he'll be having an AMAZING Fathers Day in Heaven, probably his best yet. And if I had to guess what he'd be doing, I'm SURE he'll be fishing, BUT that still doesn't make the pain any less real or me miss him any less. I'm sure tomorrow will be spent crying (while also celebrating, of course, because my husband is a WONDERFUL father!!!!) but I know my dad will be enjoying himself! :)

Dad, I love and miss you SO much!!!! Happy (early) Fathers Day!!! I hope you catch your biggest fish EVER! :)


Happy Fathers Day to all the men in your lives! :) Remember you never know when today will be your last day (or the last day of someone you treasure) so make the most of it!!!!

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